Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainning*Water*Tear ...

you hv to enjoy ur life,,forget the bad things ,,stand up be STRONG
looking forwad,,stil hv the best thing waiting u in the future,u jus hv to crossover the "stone''
learn to b independent ,try to love it,,is nice..don't always rely on others u wil become weak
don't let "weak" hv the chance to follow us =)

Here i come!!Holidays

yo!!everyone!!im back~~~larissa is BACK! lol *miss*

so long didn't update my blog..around 5months time =)

because had alot of assignment,collegework, stresss n tons of other

things hv to do..but reccently i will start to update n

blogging about my life !!!*peace*!


hv a great day wif ma lovely gals!!!tis is how we spent our time hahahhaha

we had take a lots of pic during the time*chitchat*gossip*girlstalk!

We Starbucks

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bored..random..LOL boring save me Plz! lol..really such a random so bored,,freaking bored!dunno wat to do..ntg i can do..except sch work is really.. so miss my dear sis CELINE WONG...miss u so much=(..owhhh...miss the days we shop everything!sign..i mus save more money then we can meet each other soon.very soon^^

luckily..friday i can went to singapore find my
cousin n stay a night over there,,,if nt i really dunno wat can i do during this hari raya holidays..haha..n the most happy things is i can meet my cutie baby!(p.s is my cousin;s baby nt mine..dun still young)hahaha..damn glad to see her again..she is really adorable!cutie!chubby!

*jiang jiang* is the baby, name han yu xi..isn;t she cute?^^

In singapore..we went to Ikea hv lunch..after tat we went to sentosa which tat every uncle auntie like the place the most!!'.....while the time waitting them in casino,we walk around in genting,sentosa...~i hate the day tat time..cos is freaking hot!!really hot!!cant believe can hot until i cant stay a minitss at outdoor..~we keep finding place which gt aircorn..cos also gt baby here don let the baby suffer the hot weather=)

Back from so ''lucky''..having sore throat+fever all come in once!gosh...n slp whole days....=(...n i promise myself i cant slp too late everyday..mus早睡早起..俗话说:早起的鸟儿有虫吃!haha..( so 有墨水~~aishe weii!xD)

alrite then gdnight everyone!hv a nice dream!today gonna be a gd gd nights^^


Monday, September 6, 2010

Diet diet diet..!!!

oh my gosh~recently my weight is slowly slowly increase alots!!damn!!!>< tummy...oh gosh~~i cant believe i can fat until gt big tummy..tis is my 1st time so sad due to tis...past 19years i din diet be4,cos my body is those like how much u eat wont be fat tis time is change totally CHANGE! All my short pants cant wear , n i gonna buy new pants due to tat=.=oh my..i really hv to diet d..LARISSA WONG NID DIET! supper for me anymore@@..and hv to hardworking to do sit up ....T_T bt some how i still cant control much of nice food in front of me and like if i dun eat them i will feel so sorry for myself..cos i cant let my stomach hungry.., stomach is innocent rite..xD..LOL~

Monday, August 23, 2010

College STartttttt@@

Mid of August tats mean hv to start my college life 5th semester..~@@Its so BORED!!lol...tis sem gt 5 sub which is business law,CA,OB,Electronic commerce n QM2~~every sub is made me sleepy..really nice to sleep~especially business law n EC!! really like a great medicine for those always insomnia..once u in the classs..u will feel sleepy..n like gonna went to a dreamland~hahahaha xD

Besides tat, we also plan about our trip for sem rite!xD~jus start college no longer we adi started to plan the sem break holiday xD!cos really nid to hurry...nid to ask parent for permission 1st..n bla bla bla....wan to hv a wonderful trip then hv to start to plan early, in case there is something happen or wat emergency fast rch to august d n sep is coming soon..tats mean i graduate soon,,,btw im stilll dunno wat i should take for my degree course..should study others things or account?audit?or different things like goin to learn cooking-italy or change my guide line again..~everything start new?...i really hv to start to think about it..~cos i dunwan to regret wat i choose!n the most important things is cherish the time wif family n frens!after graduate sure we all will b separete d~n they wil also start their new life...some go work...some go oversea for further study..some married go married...xD hahaha!(oppss...who is tis goin to married soon?i thnk our 1st guesss is Mr.R?LOL) jus joking~come on, we hv to made some joke!then our life wil b full of more happiness n colourful!hahaha...after bac frm mel i abit ''sot'' d...mayb im too missing the place at there..n some ppl...~

alrite,im gonna eat my dinner,,hungry@@ bye!^^

Have a nice day~~~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Larissa is BAck!

Back in M'sia d..home Sweet home, but im stil missing the day in Mel~~why the time is passing so damn fast!3weeks time are gone!totally GONE!LOL~everything bac to normal, no holidays mood for me anymore, nid to get ready for the new sem study=)mus study well so do i can graduate fast..god bless me..celine, how could u abandon me at here?i miss there alot!mel is a nice place..i winter!^^bac in here, feel quite bored~dunno wat i nid to do..everything like stuck in my idea at all~i should go for a swim to clear my mind..~

In tat 3weeks time,had a lots of nice sweet time~~we take the train from clayton went to the city,melbourne ppl say tat, happy time is always passing fast..n its true~so fast im sitting in my own room..n get ready for school tml..n hv to take the exam result too@@gosh..plz let me past..i cant waste my time~

Get ready for the day coming!!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 2 3..step by step❤❤

❤❤My new hairstyle~~~nice bo??damn short!=s
argg...><..i dun wan to leave here..~totally addicted staying here =( love the weather here,,,the food,,clothes,,bag,,make up,,fashion,,everything!!

reccently think quite a lot..look back, i'm really such a fool~wont be doin tat second time in my life! family is really important so do fren too`~when u stay far away from house, fren is the most important person for u ..~

study in oversea, u hv to be brave making fren, otherwise u really wil be alone, eat alone, study alone..everything is alone! ''Lonely'' is a damn scary things..better leave tat things as far as u can!

眼看假期只剩两个星期~~好快啊...不想回到那个地方,let the time passing i can leave the place soon..><.. next sem which is sem5 for my diploma course ,mus be study hard d,,don waste the time..n faster be graduate..